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Google Changed Gmail Logo: Here’s What Changed Made So Far?

gmail logo transformation-Google Changed Gmail Logo Here’s What Changed Made So Far

Gmail Logo New Look: What Changes Google Made After Years?

Google is changing its Gmail Platform Logo to a newly designed logo “From a Classic Envelop” to a new look of ”Colorful Gmail Logo”, the colors used in the new Gmail logo are the colors of Google products: featuring blue, red, yellow, and green that they are using on all other platforms.

Are you ready to see the latest Google Gmail logo?

This is the Gmail’s New Logo: That Replaced Old Gmail Logo

gmail new logo - Google Changed Gmail Logo: Here’s What Changed Made So Far?

Google is changing the "envelope" style for the New Gmail Logo

Gmail old logo -Google Changed Gmail Logo Here’s What Changed Made So Far

Admit it or not, Gmail’s old logo is the most noticeable logo on your phone. Of course, this is different from popular social media sites.

But this logo has been changed to a new one.

So far, many changes have been made to the new logo. As mentioned earlier, the color scheme of the logo will be included in the four-color scheme of the Google brand.

Interestingly, even the technical drawing of the logo, parts of the letter 'M' were kept in one figure.

Another change to this logo is that the new Gmail logo has no envelope style on the drawing. Mail can make sense - in the form of an envelope - no longer an active way to send letters, and the app doesn't just send email.

Why Gmail changed logo?

The last time it was reported that Google changed its logo was in 2015. Verge reported at the time, and Google changed the logo to highlight the update that would be on the platform for its products.

Gmail's New Logo: Here is What's Missing Based on the Original

Envelope red-white color pattern Gmail logo has started to change some more colorful. Google has now released the latest logo for the free email service. And it looks like this.

Where is the envelope?

Gmail's New Logo: Here is What's Missing From the Original

On Tuesday, October 6, Google Workspace, through The Verge, officially released the latest logo of the popular email service, Gmail.

It also states that the change was already expected from the company, as all of its products, including Google Chrome, Maps, Play Store or Drive, have the same color pattern on the logo.

Here are What New Gmail Products Logo Look Like:-

gmail products new logo-Google Changed Gmail Logo Here’s What Changed Made So Far

As you can see, the rumor is true. Google is changing its logo for the Gmail service.

The facelift differs from the original red-and-white color scheme. It is red, blue, slightly yellow and green.

The technical drawing of the new logo is also a part of the letter 'M' which is grouped together in the unit. What's missing, in fact, is the cover envelope design.

While other people prefer the new logo, most users, unfortunately, see this shortcoming.

Google has not yet commented on the decision to remove the 'mail' data on the logo. However, it can be cited that it is very rare to see someone sending mail to their home.

One more thing: After all, Gmail is no longer just an 'email' service. This includes video calls or chat hangouts.

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