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Digital Marketing Company in India

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Digital Marketing has increased and expanded its limits in the last three decades. Now no one can think about presenting their brand in front of the world without digital marketing.

Customers are smarter now they can research products in seconds and compare them with your competitors, according to a study by US Ecommerce Country Report, the data states that 88 percent of consumer research online before making a purchase either online or in-store.

Digital Marketing helps the brand to bring the significant changes by promoting its products and services over the internet with SEO (search engine optimization), SMO/ SMM (Social Media optimization/ marketing) and paid marketing (PPC, CPC, CPI, banner ads, display ads, etc.).

We have helped many businesses or brands with our digital marketing services to make them gain many profits with their website and social media channels or by advertising their products and services for maximum sales revenue and brand recognition.


Make your BRAND visible on all the platform to dominate the internet and compete above your competitor by ranking #1.

Digital Marketing Company in India: With Proven Records

We have been proven as the best digital marketing agency in India. Some of the best digital marketing experts at OXO Solutions have worked with MNC companies and have helped many renowned brands to gain many profits with our R&D, project development and marketing services.

Get Customized Digital Marketing Services from

Renowned Digital Marketing agency in India

We can also help you with our digital marketing services to rank the website higher on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, and to promote your brands on all the social channels like facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, linkedin etc.

Our specialised digital marketing services

We have expertise in many things related to IT services, we cover a wide area of IT industry where we offer our clients our valuable digital marketing, SEO, Social Media, Web Development, Data Analytics, Software Development and Business Consultation Services.

Search Engine Optimization

We can help you to optimize your website ranking, CTR and ROI with our SEO services. We guarantee you to rank your website on the first page of google in very less time then the other reputed companies.

Our Strategy for SEO Services:- 

Keyword Research

We research the most valuable and high volume keywords with less competition for you to rank it high without investing too much of your precious time and investments.

On Page Optimization

After researching keywords we optimize all the meta tags (title, descriptions, alt tags, keywords) and content to rank it on search engines as soon as possible.

Analyzing competition

We work hard on analyzing your competitors, and after analyzing those we work on optimizing our website more well then them to rank more high then them.

Link Building

We mainly work on optimizing the On- Page and content of your website, but still we invest our great time on making the relationships on quality sites for high quality backlinks.

Social media Optimization

We are familiar with the algorithms of social media sites, groups and channels that how they work and how these can work for us. With our Research and Development we are able to work for your brand to generate the leads for you to help them convert into sales.

The Social Media Platform we can optimize for you

We have listed some important social sites that almost every person uses. But we are not only experts in optimizing these channels, we can help you in optimizing a specific channel for your business that works.


We offer you our facebook marketing services in India to optimize your facebook page for generating leads by making the customer’s trust and to make them your regular customers. 


While marketing products and services, you can’t forget Instagram. We can optimize your Instagram profile for maximizing sale rate and return on investment.


witter is the international media for communication, we can also optimize it for you to expand your brand visibility all over the world to generate the great revenue with our digital marketing services. 


If you’re an eCommerce or store business, there is no better opportunity for your business. We will post on pinterest for you that your customers would love to see and for sure they will buy from you only.


Another most important content marketing media. If you’re a content writing or publishing agency. We can work for you on medium to generate the sales for a great revenue by presenting your content the best way.

Pay Per Click, Cost Per Click

Paid advertisement, PPC, or CPC has become important for almost all the business who want to earn a good amount in less time. We can advertise your services with our paid advertisement campaign that will generate the huge ROI on your products and services.

Paid Advertising

We can advertise any of your product and services on all the media either it is search engine (google, bing, yahoo), social media, or it is tiktok. We will advertise on any medium for your brand

Social media advertising

The brands that advertise on social media gain the much profits then the other media. We can present your products the best way that people will buy it for sure.

Display advertising

If you’re a brand who wants to promote brand or generate leads, we can do it for you by placing the campaigns for display advertisements on websites related to your niche.


If you’re a product based company and want to remarket your current seen/searched products to your customers. We can remarket it for you at afforable charges.

Content Marketing

CONTENT IS THE KING, we all know this.

We make our strategy for content not only based on this line but also for the customers because for us CUSTOMER IS THE KING. Now, Google doesn’t only rank you only based on content but it also works according to user behavior, there is a saying “GOOGLE WILL LOVE YOU IF PEOPLE WILL LOVE YOU FIRST”. So we keep both the things in our mind while creating content or promoting it.


We can create awesome content for your website based on your niche that people will love to read and share on their profiles.


We can work on posting reviews on your business listings, profiles and on the products listing on multiple platforms to increase the sales rate.

Social bookmarking

We can make backlinks to your content by bookmarking your content on high authority and quality social bookmarking sites.

Questions and answers

We have been on,, and other Q&A sites for a long time. We can answer the question for you to optimize your brand and generate leads.

Other Expertise of OXO Solutions 

Brand Building and Reputation Management

Reputation Management

We have been working on ORM (online reputation management) for a long time. We can work for your reputation management to build your brand reputation and for a person too, also we can get a link removed for you if it is exploiting your reputation on the internet.

Brand Building & Local Search Optimization/ Google Maps Optimization

We have expertise in optimizing the business for local search and google maps. Google shows the local results above the organic results and users directly call the business from google maps page. We can rank your brand for your keywords on google maps with our local search optimization services.

Brand Building & Promotion

Google sees the brand with a different vision than the other and people do the same way. With our brand building and promotion services, we can build a brand in the eyes of your customers that whenever they are going to buy something first name will be you to buy from.

The Solutions & Services we offer

Display Advertising

Lead Generation

E-commerce Solution

Mobile App Optimization

Online PR

Content Marketing

CRM/Email/SMS Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Make your website rank higher on Google

We can help you #1 on competitive keywords to DOMINATE the search engine and competitors

What makes us different from other

OXO Solutions – Best Digital Marketing Company in India

Easy Communication Methods

We provide the best user experience to make easy business with us. We make it easy for you to communicate with us by any medium it could be either phone call, email, WhatsApp, skype or any medium you’re comfortable with. 

Guaranteed Results

If we have promised you results then for sure we will get you the results on any work, either it is web development, social media engagement, SEO rankings, lead generation or is business development we will bring business for you.

Dedicated Project Managers

A dedicated expert or project manager is assigned for your work to ensure the easy workflow and to transfer the required information easily for great and timely results. 


We provide the best user experience to make easy business with us. We make it easy for you to communicate with us by any medium it could be either phone call, email, WhatsApp, skype or any medium you’re comfortable with. 

Reliable Sources

If we have promised you results then for sure we will get you the results on any work, either it is web development, social media engagement, SEO rankings, lead generation or is business development we will bring business for you.

Performance Tracking

A dedicated expert or project manager is assigned for your work to ensure the easy workflow and to transfer the required information easily for great and timely results. 

Why choose us

Best Digital Marketing Company in India

We are not like the other companies who ask you to take maximum services from them and offer packages, we only sell what you deserve. According to your brand niche and service, we will research your brand and will send you our proposal with complete information on services or solutions that will help you understand WHY this service is required for your business and how it will help you. 

Certified Digital Marketing Expert

All our digital marketing experts have google certifications for their courses which include analytics, google my business, google ads and other certifications of Google products.

Research & Innovation

We keep studying the current and upcoming trends for advancement, with our research and development we have made a great name of our organization in Data analytics, AI and IT industry

We Listen and Educate

We appreciate listening to you. If you have any concerns or questions about anything, you can simply text, email or call us anytime. We should answer you to explain to you why we are doing it and how it will help you.

Successful Digital Marketing Case Studies

We have worked with many reputed brands and organizations that have increased their sales and revenue with our services. Take a look at our case studies to know more.

We always learn and adapt new digital marketing techniques

We don’t work on beliefs and assumptions, for us data matters. We keep our knowledge updated and we keep learning new things and implement them for great results.

Complete transparency

We don’t hide anything from you, all our strategies and work will be discussed with you. We send you the progress reports on a weekly or monthly basis to keep you updated on the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce research found In 2011, marketers spent about 62% of the total marketing budget on digital marketing, and it will grow 21% within 10 years. The study states that 75% Of Total Marketing Budget Will Go To Digital Marketing by 2021. The industry is growing with digital marketing and is switching its mediums from traditional marketing to digital marketing because of high ROI (return on investment) through digital channels.

  1. Another important reason is almost 4.54 billion people on earth use the internet, any of those can become your customer if they are interested in your products or services. Digital Marketing is two-way communication that allows the customers to directly communicate with them and contact for their services, whereas traditional marketing provides one-way communication with customers, and brands can directly reach their customers for advertising their services and products.

34% of business has already shifted to digital marketing.

72% marketers believe traditional marketing no longer works for their business.

The 75% marketing budget will be invested in digital marketing by 2021.

In traditional marketing, you invest too much money on different mediums and marketing channels like broadcast, newspaper, magazines, press releases, direct mail, etc.

But it becomes very tough to measure the ROI and it is less profitable than digital marketing. Online marketing fetches you a better ROI because it’s less costly than traditional marketing/advertising, but in the case of digital marketing, measuring the ROI is very easy, the channels where you’re investing the money has complete insight and analytics data that measure the clicks, impressions, leads, and conversions.

As of June 2018, 3.8 billion people out of 7.5 billion people in the world use the internet on their daily basis, and 2.89 billion people are active on social media.

Apart from social media and direct visits, Google processes over 70,000 search queries every second on average. This translates to 5.8 billion searches per day and nearly 2 trillion searches in a year.

  1. Facebook has 2.50 billion monthly active users (MAU) for December 2019.
  2. Instagram has 1 billion active users every month, in which 500 million people post stories on Instagram every day.
  3. Twitter has in excess of 330 million active monthly users.

ROI stands for return on investment, it is the ratio between net profit and the cost of investment. High ROI means high profit, return on investment is a term used to measure the performance to evaluate the efficiency of an investment.

For eg., if you’re promoting your products on Adwords and generate several leads from there and some of those leads get converted, now the total benefit you received (return) will be divided by the cost of investment to measure the ROI.


ROI = Net Profit / Total Investment * 100

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