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You’ve got mail – how to stop spam and reduce cyber crime

You’ve got mail – how to stop spam and reduce cyber crime

We’ve all gotten them: messages offering unique costs on Viagra, offering fortunes we didn’t realize we had, offering connects to awesome sites we basically should visit immediately.

Irritating as! Be that as it may, the innovation to stop spam and other bothersome messages not just exists, it’s been around for a considerable length of time.

With digital wrongdoing costing Australia in excess of a billion dollars per year, it’s well and really time we planned something for improve our protections. What’s more, what preferable approach to begin once again by verifying email: a bit of innovation that the majority of us utilize each day.

Cyber crime for dummies

One of the easiest methods for carrying out cyber crime is to send an unsolicited or spam email which contains: a virus; an attempt to acquire an individual’s sensitive information (known as “phishing”); or some other mechanism for perpetrating internet crime.

The current worldwide email system is based on a standard called the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) which was created in 1982 and last updated in 2008.

The system has served us well for decades, but it also allows fake emails to be sent and received with no way of tracing them to their point of origin.

In the last 30 years there have been a number of updates to SMTP, including two methods that can be used to improve security and fight spam.

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