Swiss Water

[icon style="home" color="pink"]Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company, Inc. is the leader in the science of decaffeination. The Swiss Water® Process “seal” is recognized and trusted by decaf coffee drinkers. Our 100% chemical-free process uses only water from the British Columbia coastal mountains to extract caffeine..[/icon]
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Widmer Brothers

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[icon style="home" color="pink"]This site is owned, operated, and maintained by Widmer Brothers Brewing Company (“WBBC”) and was created for your information, enjoyment, and entertainment. [/icon]
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[icon style="home" color="pink"]Markisa is all about style & function. With our dedicated team, and quality products, we strive only for the best. Our products are made with the highest grade materials, sewn to perfection, and we are always thinking of new ideas with innovative features.[/icon]
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[icon style="home" color="pink"]WCP is the world's largest underground street dancing community catered for Poppers and Lockers. Our mission is to spread the knowledge and history of this dance, while respecting each dancer's history and opinions.[/icon]
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MSME Ludhiana


[icon style="home" color="pink"] The MSME-DI, Ludhiana renders Technical Consultancy Services, techno-managerial assistance, training as well as common facility services etc. for the development of existing and new micro, small & medium enterprises located in all the 20 districts of Punjab & UT Chandigarh. [/icon]
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Valves and Cocks Cluster


[icon style="home" color="pink"]Valves, Cocks industrial & domestic & Boiler Mountings industry has a key role to play every walk of life. Nothing can be thought of without the existence of Valves, Cocks & Boiler Mountings.[/icon]
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Builder Hardware Cluster


[icon style="home" color="pink"] The builder’s hardware items were manufactured on a very small level with very traditional technology, In fact, the builder’s hardware cluster in Ludhiana emerged about 40 years ago, when S.N. Brothers took up the manufacturing of hanger and door handles, hinges at production level.[/icon]
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[icon style="home" color="pink"]Accordion Infra is a privately held, young,vibrant,vertically integrated real estate developer, owner, investor and investment manager.[/icon]
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